PHOTO CALL: Jennifer Westfeldt and David Wilson Barnes and Lead The Power of Duff at Huntington Theatre Company

David Wilson Barnes and Jennifer Westfeldt lead the cast of Stephen Belber's The Power of Duff, the story of a burnt-out local newscaster who transforms his community and himself when he begins praying on air, at the Huntington Theatre Company through Nov. 9.

Lead by Huntington Artistic Director Peter DuBois, Barnes stars as Charlie Duff, with Amy Pietz ("The Office") as Duff's ex-wife Lisa, Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein, Friends with Kids) as Charlie's co-anchor Sue, Noah Galvin (Burnt Part Boys) as Ricky, Brendan Griffin (Clybourne Park) as John Ebbs, Ben Cole (One Slight Hitch), Russell G. Jones (Ruined) as Joseph Andango, and Joe Paulik as Ron Kirkpatrick.

According to press notes, in The Power of Duff, "Rochester news anchor Charlie Duff (Barnes) shocks his co-anchor (Westfeldt), boss (Ben Cole), and colleague (Brendan Griffin) as he concludes the newscast with a spontaneous prayer rather than his usual send-off the night after his father dies. Yearning for connection, Charlie continues his nightly prayers despite management’s initial protestations, rapidly becoming a popular and controversial figure to an ever expanding audience. Yet in spite of the strengthening bond Charlie feels with his the subjects of his prayers and his viewers, he struggles to connect with his ex-wife (Amy Pietz) and estranged teenage son (Noah Galvin)."

Here's a look at opening night:


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