PHOTO CALL: Lauren Pritchard-Michael Kimmel's new play Songbird at Joe's Pub

A one-night-only presentation of singer-songwriter Lauren Pritchard and writer Michael Kimmel's new play Songbird was offered July 21 at Joe’s Pub.

Set in Pritchard’s home state of Tennessee, the play looks at the darker side of country music and the musicians who create it. The reading of this "play with songs" was directed by JV Mercanti.

The cast included Kacie Sheik, Laura Dreyfuss, Adam Cochran, Grace McLean, Brandon Ellis, Stephen Bogardus, Eric William Morris, Alex Cooper, Amy Spanger and Ted Koch.

Based on Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull, Songbird, according to press notesis a "story of whiskey-soaked nights and hangover dreams in Nashville's country music scene. Country music star Tammy Trip returns to the bar she was discovered years ago to help launch her son Dean's burgeoning songwriting career. But she may be doing more hurt than help… At the crossroads where chart-toppers become has-beens, and country hits are tested below dim lights and sticky floors, Kimmel and Pritchard's play is a raw and acoustic look at a community of creatives, fueled on talent, passion and booze."