PHOTO CALL: Robinson Leads Fences at South Coast Repertory

By Krissie Fullerton
22 Jan 2010

South Coast Repertory presents a new production of August Wilson's Fences, the drama about tensions in a Pittsburgh family in the 1950s.
Fences, according to press materials, centers on "Troy Maxson. Once a baseball star in the Negro League, now a garbage collector fighting for promotion, he faces middle age with scaled down dreams. But as he struggles to hold on to his dignity and his family, Troy puts up fences between himself and those he most wants to protect—his son, his wife, even his loyal friend, who see the world through different, more hopeful, eyes."

The South Coast Repertory production is directed by Seret Scott and boasts a cast including Charlie Robinson (TV's "Night Court"), Juanita Jennings, Larry Bates, Gregg Daniel, Brandon J. Dirden, Baron Kelly and, in alternating performances, Skye Whitebear and Sofya Ogunseitan.

Here's a look at the production:


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Charlie Robinson
Photo by South Coast Repertory