PHOTO CALL: The Skivvies Heat Up 54 Below With Guests Including Krysta Rodriguez, Wesley Taylor, Mitchell Jarvis and Barrett Foa

Jenny Lee Stern, Wesley Taylor, Mitchell Jarvis, Krysta Rodriguez, Heather Matarazzo, Barrett Foa, Malcolm Gets and Sophie B Hawkins stripped with The Skivvies at their July 1 show at 54 Below.

The 9:30 PM evening featured Matarazzo ("Welcome to the Dollhouse"), Foa ( Buyer & Cellar) and Rodriguez ("Smash"), as well as singer-songwriter Sophie B Hawkins, Malcolm Gets ( The Story of My Life), Jenny Lee Stern ( Rocky), Mitchell Jarvis ( Rock of Ages) and Wesley Taylor ("It Could Be Worse").

Actor-musicians Lauren Molina ( Sweeney Todd, Marry Me a Little) and Nick Cearley ( All Shook Up) are the duo behind The Skivvies, known for their acoustic performances of pop songs, wearing nothing but their underwear. Molina, Cearley and their guests play instruments ranging from the cello, ukulele, guitar and glockenspiel to the melodica.