PHOTO CALL: Wesley Taylor, Mitchell Jarvis, Adam Chanler-Berat, Krysta Rodriguez, Alex Wyse and More at "It Could Be Worse" Screening

"It Could Be Worse," a new web comedy series featuring a host of theatre actors, made its debut Feb. 1 at A series screening and party was held in New York Feb. 12.

Co-created and written by longtime collaborators Mitchell Jarvis and Wesley Taylor, the series features Taylor as actor Jacob Gordon, Adam Chanler-Berat as Ben Farrel, two-time Tony Award nominee Alison Fraser as Veronica Bailey, Gideon Glick as Jacob's boyfriend Phillip Klein, Jarvis as Sam Atkinson, Tony Award nominee Nancy Opel as Jacob's mother Judy Gordon and Richard Poe as Jacob's father Leo Gordon.

In "It Could Be Worse," press notes state, "actor Jacob Gordon ( Wesley Taylor) can't seem to catch a break. Victimized by the grueling rejections of an ugly business, horny parents exploring their mid-life crisis, and a delusional boyfriend who needs constant babysitting, Jacob is lost. He tries to be 'good' and not give in to temptations. He tries to be 'open' and have an understanding of the people around him... but at the end of the day, Jacob Gordon is a doormat. His epic streak of bad luck might just change, however, when he gets cast in the new Broadway musical The Ice Queen — playing opposite stage and screen royalty Veronica Bailey."

Series co-creators Mitchell Jarvis and Wesley Taylor met while working together in the original Broadway cast of Rock of Ages. Throughout the past four years, together they have produced original web content including "Rock of Ages Productions," "Network General: Los Angeles," "Ken Burns Softball," "The Sardi's Redemption," "A Rockwork Orange" and their most successful venture to date, "Billy Green."

"In 'Billy Green,' everyone played the straight man to my shtick," said Taylor in a previous statement. "This time, we've turned that all around. Everyone else in the world is 'off' and our protagonist is the one who lives in reality." The series features original music by Lauren Molina and Scott Bradlee.