PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: Afterglow Festival Memories from Justin Vivian Bond, Molly Pope, Lady Rizo and More

The 2013 Afterglow Festival, featuring performances of new work by Justin Vivian Bond, Amber Martin, Lance Horne, Molly Pope, Jill Pangallo and more, ran early September in Provincetown, MA. Several festival artists served as guest photographers, documenting the experience for Playbill and social media.

The annual festival is conceived by John Cameron Mitchell and Quinn Cox. Afterglow offers a mix of established and under-the-radar performers who push the boundaries of innovative art.

Participating artists included authors and astrological consultants Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox, Matt Ray, Dan Fishback, Chris Tyler, Santiago Venegas, Becky Eklund, Mx Justin Vivian Bond ( Kiki & Herb: Alive on Broadway), Joseph Keckler, Lady Rizo, Yair Evnine, Ray Rizzo, Molly Pope, Max Steele, Erin Markey, Mike Albo, Amber Martin, Brett Every, Nath Ann Carrera, Jill Pangallo, Penny Arcade, Lance Horne, as well as  MATTACHINE with Angela Di Carlo, Paul Dawson and PJ DeBoy.