PLAYBILL BRIEF ENCOUNTER With Jason Robert Brown, Now Directing His Beloved Musical The Last Five Years

By Brandon Voss
07 Mar 2013

Adam Kantor
Adam and Betsy certainly have big shoes to fill. It must be daunting to take on two beloved roles previously played by two powerhouses, Norbert Leo Butz and Sherie Rene Scott, whose performances were captured on the terrific cast recording that many fans know by heart.
JRB: I suspect that these two are confident enough that they don't get daunted by that. It's exciting to put your own stamp on these things, and it's thrilling watching them take ownership of it.

Is your direction of them ever shaded by memories of Sherie's and Norbert's performances?
JRB: No, it's impossible, because they really are so different. Neither of them would make any of the same choices that Sherie and Norbert made. I didn't choose them because they were such different performances, but it was evident the minute I started working with them.


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