PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Barrett Wilbert Weed, Lilli Cooper, Jennifer Damiano and More Pick Favorite Taylor Swift Performances

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17 Jul 2014

Preston Sadleir: "Happy Birthday" ("Red" Tour in Melbourne). Imagine, if you will, you're on a stage while thousands and thousands of Australians are singing "Happy Birthday" to you. It takes a certain degree of poise, self-confidence and managerial skills to accept that tsunami of adoration.

I mean, I can barely take a compliment on my shoes.

In matters of love, we often talk about how we can express ourselves and display adoration… BUT, Ms. Swift is someone who exemplifies the other side of that coin: one who graciously RECEIVES love.

Have you ever comfortably let someone love you as much as these 16 seconds illustrate?

Put that in your back pocket.


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