PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Drew Overcash, Joe Carroll, Ciara Renee and Cast of Overcash & Change Pick Favorite Pop Songs

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20 Feb 2014

 Jennifer Hope Wills: "Your Song" (Elton John). Sadly, and maybe a little embarrassingly, my knowledge of most pop/rock music seems to have petered out back in the 1980s, but "Your Song" by Elton John has always been one of my favorites. I think it is interesting in that it is definitely a love song but never once actually mentions the word "love." I've also always found it a little sad and melancholy as it seemed to me to be a song about someone professing love to another that is unrequited. Not sure why I always felt that but the beautiful words, simple melody and that tinge of sadness always went right through to this highly romantic heart.


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