PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Drew Overcash, Joe Carroll, Ciara Renee and Cast of Overcash & Change Pick Favorite Pop Songs

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20 Feb 2014

Bryce Pinkham: "Rocky Raccoon" (The Beatles). "Rocky Raccoon." C'mon, it takes guts to put a raccoon at the center of a love saga, and then to sing do-do's for the rest of the time. I guess that's what you could afford to do when you were The Beatles. Still, how did they manage to make such a catchy tune out of it? It's an amazing song, so catchy and singable, with a surprisingly poignant story of a South Dakotan cuckold raccoon who finds himself on the wrong side of a duel. So many good characters: Gideon, the Drunk Doctor, the so-called "Dan," not to mention Rocky's girl, Magil/Lil/Nancy. I feel so bad for Rocky at the end, he's so optimistic, but we all know he's never leaving that hotel room. RIP Rock.


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