PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Jenna Leigh Green, Nic Rouleau, Hannah Elless and More Pick Favorite Spice Girls Songs

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08 Jan 2014

Emily McNamara: "Say You'll Be There." My favorite Spice Girls song is "Say You'll Be There" mostly because I'm impressed at the grammatical corn maze they sing themselves into. For example: "This time you gotta take it easy
throwing far too much emotions at me"

Far too much emotioN would make sense or far too many emotions… But far too MUCH emotionS?

Also this,

"If you, put two and two together
you will see what our friendship is for (Oh)
If you can't work this equation then
I guess I'll have to show you the door "

I always thought that two and two together was FOUR. Why is she gonna kick the guy out for not knowing the equation? What kind of crazy Spice Girls math are we doing here? Bottom line is they are making up their own adorable Spice vernacular, and even if it undoes the English language as I know it, I'M ON BOARD!


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