PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Randy Graff, Julia Murney, Cady Huffman and The Act Cast Pick Favorite Songs by Kander and Ebb

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26 Mar 2014

Rachelle Rak: "Ring Them Bells." When I was 14 I saw Liza in Atlantic City performing her one-woman show. This was in 1984. She sat in a director's chair and sang "Ring Them Bells" without moving a muscle. It was all in her eyes. I was mesmerized and knew I had to learn how to do that if it was possible. She changed my life forever.

Fast forward…

While performing in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, on a dinner break headed up 9th Ave to Taco Chino, I walked passed Starbucks and saw a handsome man in the window and thought, "Maybe I will go in for an ice tea," and so I did. We made eye contact, but nothing happened, and I was hungry, so I left, and I went to Taco Chino for some food. Of course on my way back past Starbucks, I didn't take a second look… I figured he had his chance. Haha! I stopped at the deli on 45th and 9th before going home. When I came out of the deli that handsome man was there, and he said to me, "Didn't I see you somewhere?" Haha! I said, "Ya, Starbucks." (With a hint of sass.) He followed up with, "Do you live around here?" And, I said, "I live at 348 W. 45th St." And, he said, "Wow, I live at 351 W. 45th St."

I then said, "I am about to break into a song called 'Ring them Bells.' He, of course, had no idea what I was talking about. He is not in show business, but he quickly learned. From that night on I told the ladies at the theatre, "Ladies, you have to look up and say hello and follow your instincts." Now, that handsome man, Andy Hoey, is my husband, and we are going to be having a little girl in May. Thank you, Kander and Ebb. Thank you, Liza. And, thank you, New York City.


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