PLAYBILL POLL: Readers Choose Favorite Onstage Couples

16 Feb 2014




Carmen Richter: Aida and Radames.

Sarah Elizabeth Meehan: Aida and Radames.

Andrea Chilkiewicz: Aida and Radames. They died together and they found one another again, after so many lifetimes. It's cheesy, yes, but I adore that last moment on stage when you see the man and woman draw closer to one another in front of the tomb and you just know it will end happily for them.

A Broadway musical version of the classic Giuseppe Verdi opera, Aida opened in 2000 and won four Tony Awards, including Best Musical Score, and the Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album. This Walt Disney Theatrical production originally starred Heather Headley and Adam Pascal as the doomed lovers.


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