Playbill Poll: Readers Sound Off on Theatre Etiquette

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07 Dec 2013

We asked our readers which breaches of theatre etiquette frustrated them most. From late arrivals to cell phones ringing, our readers respond. polled our readers via Facebook and Twitter asking them to sound off on their theatregoing pet peeves. It proved to be quite a hot topic. 

A selection of the numerous responses we received follow:

Cell Phones:

Robert W. Kingery: A tie: cell phones and TALKING!
Bobbi DiFalco Parsons: Someone texting during the show. The bright light is so annoying!
Carli Entin: Cell phones are the worst. I want a t-shirt that says, "Your texting is interfering with my abiliyt to suspend disbelief."
Flirty Flipper: Cell phone lights. People checking texts.
Kelley Cheetham: Anything phone related. I once had someone sitting in front of me who ANSWERED his phone in the theatre during the show.
Dantvman: Live tweeting live theatre. Just having your phone out in general during a show. Please be engaged.
daspion: Pulling out the phone for any reason during a show. It's like a beacon in a dark theatre.
miss_farin: Texting during the show. Put your phone away!
jenn4037: Using cell phones to check the time!
Sue Manger: People who must check their Facebook during a show.
Danni Horwitz: When someone actually answers the phone during a show.


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