Playbill Poll: Readers Sound Off on Theatre Etiquette

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07 Dec 2013

Singing or Talking:

Lisa Pack Finnicum: I really don't understand why people talk through the overture of a show. You know, the overture sets the mood and lets the theatre goer begin to slip away from the world and into the fantasy of live theatre.
David Landrum: Talking during the overture. It is part of the show, too. The orchestra rehearses it and should be enjoyed without people in the crowd talking until the curtain rises. Once the announcement begins, talking should cease.
Tara Ryan Faupel: Talking and singing along with the songs.
Juan Luis: People singing along at a musical!
David L. McCurdy-Waterhouse: Talking people and those that decide they want to sing along with the performer.
Amy Boyles Martinez: People who sing and hum along!
Tracey Tinder: I dislike GREATLY when people feel the need to sing along with the cast.
cenoite: Talking during the show, or singing along.
lauren9739: REPEATERS! I heard the joke the actor said, I don't need you to repeat it so I think miss all the new dialogue.


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