Playbill Poll: What is Your Favorite Song by Stephen Sondheim? Readers Respond

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06 Oct 2013

Jade Kops: "Losing my Mind" - Follies. The lost love that never quite leave you and haunt all other relationships. The constant reminders in the simple things. The knowing you need to let go, and not wanting to all at the same time.
Alexander Jay Alvarez: "Losing my Mind"...
Gaspar Marino: "Losing My Mind" from Follies.
Philip Swan: "Losing My Mind."
Christina Ralph: How can I choose just one? The man is a musical genius! "Stay With Me" (Into the Woods), "No One Is Alone" (Into the Woods), "Losing My Mind" (Follies), "Loving You" (Passion), "More" (Dick Tracy movie), "I Never Do Anything Twice" (7% Solution movie).....etc. I love all of these songs because each and every Sondheim song is like an onion....every song has many layers, and as you peel each away, you discover new things "that you never knew before". Each of his songs tells a captivating story, that keeps you entranced throughout its duration.
Liz Chadwick: "Losing my mind."


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