Playbill Poll: What Stage Work Should Grammy Award Winner Lady Gaga Star In? Readers Respond

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17 Nov 2013

Juhstin Rahmihres: Well if I am correct based of rumor Barbra Streisand wants to remake Gypsy as Mama Rose and she wants Gaga to be Louise. That would be one killer film remake.
@AlexMbrook: Louise in Gypsy! She can sing it, she can dance it, she has just the right amount of vulnerability and sex appeal

As previously reported, Barbra Streisand revealed that she might be interested in casting Gaga in the title role of her film remake of the Tony Award-winning musical Gypsy. Gaga would be cast as Louise, who transforms into the notorious Gypsy Rose Lee by the end of the musical. If Streisand's film remake does not come to fruition, we wouldn't be opposed to the award-winning musical coming back to Broadway.


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