PLAYBILL VIDEO WEEK IN REVIEW: A Wacky Pageant, NYMF, Rocky in the Park, Encores! Off-Center and Revolution in the Elbow…'s weekly recap of its coverage of Broadway performances, celebrity interviews, web series and opening nights – in case they were missed the first time around.

Meet the VERY Wacky Contestants in a Very Unusual Pageant

Zombie Strippers Proves Sexy Ladies Love "Brains"

Revolution in the Elbow… Previews Heady Tunes

Pump Boys and Dinettes Pump Up the Volume in Musical Preview

Pump Boys and Dinettes (and Their Director) Talk Encores! Off-Center

No Carbon Copy: Cloned! is a Unique NYMF Pick

Rocky's Andy Karl Takes the Stage at Broadway in Bryant Park: "Yo!!"