PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day With A Little Night Music's Henrik, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka

By Matthew Blank
September 8, 2010

Ever wonder about the daily routine of a Broadway actor? How about the routine on one of those grueling two-performance days? In this latest installment, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka of A Little Night Music graciously shares his Sept. 5 work day with readers.

Armed with a digital camera, Herdlicka offers a look at an average two-performance day portraying the conflicted Henrik Egerman. He snapped everything from morning routine to pre-performance rituals to between-show activities to the final curtain call.

Here is a day at A Little Night Music with Hunter Ryan Herdlicka:

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Seconds before going onstage, Bernadette and Alex won’t give the cello back to me!!
Photo by Hunter Ryan Herdlicka

A Dallas native and 2009 graduate of Carnegie Mellon, Herdlicka is making his Broadway debut with Night Music. Other theatrical credits include Fiddler on the Roof, Othello, The Full Monty (Malcolm), Disney’s High School Musical (Ryan) and My Fair Lady .


A Little Night Music plays the Walter Kerr Theatre. For more information, visit