Do Me A Little, About Newlywed Mormons, Will Play LaMaMa's First Floor Theatre

By Andrew Gans
August 7, 2012

Producers Nicholas Kohn and Robert Earle Jones will present the world premiere of Marissa Kohn’s Do Me a Little, as part of the 2012 New York International Fringe Festival.

Performances at the First Floor Theatre at LaMaMa are scheduled for Aug. 12 at noon, Aug. 15 at 9 PM, Aug. 23 at 2 PM, Aug. 24 at 8:45 PM and Aug. 25 at 4:45 PM.

The cast will feature playwright Kohn as Mandy opposite Trey Gerrald as Brigham. David Alpert directs.

Inspired by true events of Kohn’s own life, the show, according to press notes, "follows Brigham and Mandy, two wide-eyed newlywed Mormon virgins as they celebrate their wedding night in the unintentionally kinky pirate suite at the 'World Famous (in Utah)' Honeymoon House. But a massive secret is about to come out that will shatter the religious rose-colored glasses they’ve both worn for their entire lives. Is their relationship a total lie? Will they stay married just to retain their status in a potentially bogus religion? Will they show you their magic Mormon underwear?"

The First Floor Theatre at LaMaMa is located at 74A East 4th Street (between 2nd and The Bowery). For ticket information visit