PHOTO CALL: Leon Addison Brown and Ritchie Coster Star in NYC Premiere of Athol Fugard's The Train Driver

By Krissie Fullerton
August 15, 2012

The New York City premiere of The Train Driver, written and directed by Athol Fugard and featuring Leon Addison Brown as Simon and Ritchie Coster as Roelf, plays Signature Theatre Company's Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre Aug. 14-Sept. 23.

The play — about a train driver, Roelf, searching for the identities of a mother and child he unintentionally killed with his train — is the final production in Signature's Residency One: Athol Fugard Series. Blood Knot and My Children! My Africa! preceded it.

According to Signature, "After a fruitless journey through shanty towns, [Roelf] encounters an old gravedigger named Simon who helps the desperate man unburden his conscience. Based on a true story, The Train Driver is a soulful exploration of guilt, suffering and the powerful bonds that grow between strangers."

Here's a look at the production:

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Ritchie Coster and Leon Addison Brown
Photo by Richard Termine

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