Colin Hanlon, Kyle Dean Massey, Darren Ritchie, Jennifer Simard Set for Reading of New Musical Brave New World

By Andrew Gans
April 26, 2013

Brave New World Enterprises, LLC will present an industry reading of the new musical Brave New World, based on Aldous Huxley’s novel, May 3 at 3 PM at the Snapple Theatre Center.

The presentation, directed by Sheryl Kaller, will feature musical direction by John McDaniel.

Brave New World has a book by Ben Andron, music and lyrics by Jonnie Rockwell and additional lyrics by Nick Messitte.

The cast will feature Colin Hanlon as Mond, Kyle Dean Massey as John, Nick Blaemire as Bernard, Josh Segarra as Helmholtz, Darren Ritchie as The Director, Emma Hunton as Lenina and Jennifer Simard as Linda.

"Five hundred years in the future, there is no war; no disease; no poverty," according to press notes. "But perfection comes at a price. In order to maintain social stability, humanity has been stripped of the very things that make us human. True love has been replaced with free sex, art & faith have been replaced with mindless sport & distraction & citizens are brainwashed & drugged into a perpetual state of happiness. Humans don't even reproduce anymore; they are hatched in test tubes to avoid the dangers of family. But there are places - savage reservations - where people still live according to the 'old' ways. These savages are fenced in & know nothing of the outside world, until one such savage - John - is given special permission to leave & experience the wonders of civilization. Two worlds collide in Huxley's provocative story about love, humanity & loss, set against the backdrop of a world where the most dangerous thing you can do, is to have an original thought."

Casting director is Daryl Eisenberg, CSA; Aaron Grant is the general manager.

Snapple Theatre Center is located at 1627 Broadway. Industry folk interested in attending the reading should email