United Solo Theatre Festival, Featuring Mina Samuels and Zara Phillips, Begins Oct. 3

By Carey Purcell
October 3, 2013

The United Solo Theatre Festival, which features more than 120 productions from six continents, 23 countries and 28 states, kicks off Oct. 3. 

The festival will continue through Nov. 24.

The lineup of shows includes premieres and award-winning solo shows in various categories such as drama, storytelling, documentary, multimedia, stand‑up, magic, dance and musical theatre. 

The 2013 lineup includes Beneath My Father’s Sky, by Zara Phillips, directed by Eric Roberts; and Don't Call Me Walter! starring Christian Moralde and directed by Charles St. Clair. The New York Times best-selling author Mina Samuels will present her solo piece Hazards.

The festival also features an Encore category, which includes Longing for Grace, performed by Grace Kiley and directed by Austin Pendleton, and a new work by Ann Morrison about her mother's career as a painter.

A full schedule and more information can be found at unitedsolo.org. Tickets can be purchased by calling (212) 239-6200.