The First Rule About Musicals Is...: Cult Novel-Turned-Film "Fight Club" May Become Musical

By Ernio Hernandez
June 21, 2004

The words "The first rule about fight club is you don't talk about fight club" may soon be heard in song. Chuck Palahniuk's 1996 cult novel "Fight Club" — which was turned into the 1999 movie starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton — may make another turn as a stage musical, Playbill On-Line has learned.

At a recent reading as part of his promotional tour for his latest novel "Stranger Than Fiction," the author divulged to audiences that his gritty novel was possibly making the leap to the stage in song, according to event spokespersons. Palahniuk also mentioned "Fight Club" director David Fincher — whose film credits include "Alien 3," "The Game," "Seven" and "Panic Room" — would be involved in the developing musical.

"Fight Club" centers on a nameless narrator so disillusioned with his everyday life that he frequents cancer support groups to feel human until he meets an anarchic stranger. With his newfound counterpart Tyler Durden, the anonymous character starts an underground boxing society and becomes entangled in a love triangle with a troubled young woman.

The 1999 film version of the Palahniuk novel was penned by Jim Uhls and starred Edward Norton (Burn This) as the Narrator and Brad Pitt played Tyler Durden. The movie also featured performances by Helena Bonham Carter, Jared Leto and Meat Loaf.