Reading of Iliad, With Dana Ivey, Paxton Whitehead, Michael Early, Anthony Newfield, Presented Jan. 22

Poetry for Peace presents a reading of Stephen Mitchell's new translation of Homer’s Iliad Jan. 22 at 2 PM at the House of the Redeemer in Manhattan.

Dana Ivey
Dana Ivey (Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN)

Readers are scheduled to include Dana Ivey, Paxton Whitehead, Michael Early, Anthony Newfield, Lee Aaron Rosen and John Wernke with musical accompaniment by Marlon Cherry. A reception will follow the reading.

" The Iliad is a complete look at what happens in war," said Newfield in a statement. "Homer does not demonize the Trojans for instance; he shows them as human, as decent and loving people. At the same time, through Homer’s language, we often see touching interludes of beauty and humanity amidst the slaughter. Alexander the Great, who slept with it under his pillow, called the Iliad 'a treasury of all military virtue,' whereas Simone Weil portrayed it as an indictment of war. Poetry for Peace and the House of the Redeemer are honored to present this distinguished cast reading Mitchell's brilliant new translation of Homer's timeless story."

Poetry for Peace — whose mission is to present public readings of great works that deal with war and peace —  was founded by actor Newfield in 2003 during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

House of the Redeemer is located in Manhattan at 7 E. 95th Street. For tickets ($20 general admission, $10 students), call (212) 289-0399.