Reading of New Musical Boys Vs. Girls, With Jason Gotay, Ariana DeBose, Rachel Potter, Corey Mach, Held Nov. 30

Jason Gotay, Ariana DeBose, Rachel Potter and Corey Mach are among the artists taking part in an invitation-only reading of the new musical Boys Vs. Girls Nov. 30 in Manhattan Nov. 30.

Rachel Potter
Rachel Potter

The reading of Drew Overcash's musical also features Brian Crum, Libby Servais, Kelsey Burd, Jake Loewenthal, Blake Pfeil and Katherine Wright.

Travis Greisler directs with musical direction by Overcash.

Boys Vs. Girls is described as a "new musical about a set of twins, the worlds they live in and the relationships that are tested as their worlds collide....Adam is the president of his class and all around popular guy. Katie is a stay-at-home, bookworm who would rather go unnoticed than have anyone even mention her name. But when Katie starts to tutor their neighbor with only three weeks left before graduation, their worlds collide and their relationships are tested."

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Listen to "You Are Mine" from the musical: