Sarah Jessica Parker, Donald Sutherland, Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange Will Star in Kenneth Lonergan's "Wild Oats"

Kenneth Lonergan's new comedy "Wild Oats" will feature a starry ensemble, reports.

Directed by Andy Tennant ("Ever After: A Cinderella Story," "Hitch"), the cast will include Sarah Jessica Parker ( The Commons of Pensacola, "Sex and the City"), Donald Sutherland ("The Hunger Games," "Ordinary People"), Academy Award winner Shirley MacLaine ( The Pajama Game, "Terms of Endearment") and two-time Academy Award winner Jessica Lange ( A Streetcar Named Desire, "Tootsie").

The film follows MacLaine and Lange, who accidentally receive a social security check for $5 million that is supposed to be for $50,000. The two embark on a grand adventure that takes them to the Canary Islands.

Lonergan is an Academy Award nominee for "Gangs of New York" and "You Can Count On Me." His stage writing credits include  This Is Our Youth.

Producers include Bob and Harvey Weinstein and Michael Mailer.