Showcase for Emerging Writers and Performers to Present Original Work at London's Crazy Coqs

An "emerging artists" season to showcase the work of emerging British-based writers and performers presenting original work is to be staged at London's Crazy Coqs on three nights in March, April and June.

Presented by Simon Greiff for SimG Productions, in association with The Crazy Coqs, each evening will introduce a new talent from the world of songwriting and musical theatre writing. The first evening will be held March 15. It will introduce songwriter Garry Lake, and the writing team of Rob Archibald and Verity Quade. Lake is the writer behind the satirical show Jest End. His most recent musical project Like Me was seen in New York. Archibald and Quade have written musicals Fidget Bones’ Journal and Thirtysomething, and their "songs of" album scrapbook features many West End performers. The evening will also feature guest singers to be announced.

Further artists lined up for later in season include Dan Looney, Neeve (aka Niamh Perry), Jonathan Eio, Christopher J Orton, Richard Beadle and Ella Grace. There will be further dates on April 26 and June 7.

To book tickets, contact the box office on 020 7734 4888 or visit