Stan Lee Encouraged by Spider-Man; New Projects on the Horizon

"Spider-Man" creator Stan Lee is at work on a new live-action musical as well as a comic-book adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, according to Variety.

Stan Lee
Stan Lee

"Romeo and Juliet: The War in Mid-2011" will be a coffee-table comic, which resets Shakespeare's tragedy as a superhero love story 200 years into the future. The property is also being developed as a potential film.

The Yin and Yang Battle of Tao is a live-action musical adventure, which could premiere in China. Lee is finishing the script for the project, which is expected to be more extravagant than the Cirque du Soleil spectacles.

Lee, who created the iconic comic book hero "Spider-Man" in the early 1960's, is also said to be happy with the Broadway musical Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, which has faced challenges on its road to opening night. He described a recent viewing of the Julie Taymor-helmed work as "indescribable" and "fantastic."