Summertime and the Living's Easy — PlaybillEDU Simplifies the Summertime College Search

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12 May 2014 offers a guide to utilizing PlaybillEDU's college searching tools during the summer.


Summertime may have been vacation time when you were younger, but now that you're a junior or senior, it's time to get down to the business of finding your dream college. And that goes double if you want to study theatre, music or dance. Summer — and PlaybillEDU — give you a chance to get ahead of the pack, or catch up if you've fallen a bit behind.

I Didn't Get Into Any of My Schools

Don't panic; all is not lost. The PlaybillEDU search-and-compare tools are your new best friends.

* Deadlines may have passed for most schools, but many other have a policy of Rolling Admission, meaning they accept and process applications as they get them — often right up to the first day of class.

* If your grades and test scores were a problem, you may just need to broaden your search criteria. You may simply have aimed too high, or the competition was just too intense at your top choices. But there are plenty of other colleges, many with fine reputations or unusual specialties. In a pinch, most Community Colleges have "open admission," meaning they are chartered to accept all applicants, regardless of grades.

You may find not only that you like these lesser-known colleges more, but you might actually learn better. At some brand-name schools you rarely even see your actual famous professor. You're taught by her or his teaching assistants instead. At smaller schools or non-Ivy League schools you may get more personalized attention.

You may also save money on lower tuition or greater financial aid. If you wanted to go to a big-city college, check out what other schools are in that city, or consider a medium-size city. There's a lot to be said for being a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

PlaybillEDU tracks more than one thousand schools to choose from in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. Shop around.

I Was Accepted. Great. Now What?

Why wait until classes begin? You're going to be spending the next several years of your life at college. It's time to start scouting the place in detail. You may have visited the school during your application process, but college is more than just buildings.

· Orientation – Just about every school has New Student Orientation sessions, at which you can schedule your classes, talk to your teachers, visit your dorm room, meet your classmates — even your roommate. Check school listings on PlaybillEDU for details on each school's presentation.

· Summer Semester – Find schools that offer summer classes and use that summer between high school and college to get a jump on your degree and get to know your campus in a lower-pressure environment. When your classmates arrive in the fall, you'll already know your way around.


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