The Book of Mormon Clan Pick Their Favorite "South Park" Episodes

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22 Dec 2011

Josh Gad
Josh Gad

The cast of the Tony-winning musical The Book of Mormon has kept audiences laughing with jaw-dropping off-color humor and good old-fashioned musical comedy gold since those charismatic missionaries first rang the doorbell at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Feb. 24, 2011. wondered what has the The Book of Mormon cast laughing off stage? Since the musical is written by Emmy-winning "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Tony-winning Avenue Q songwriter Robert Lopez, decided to ask the Book of Mormon troupers which "South Park" episodes and characters were their favorites.

Tony Award nominee Josh Gad, The Book of Mormon's inept Elder with a heart of gold and lover of all things sci-fi.

Favorite Episode: "Whale Whores"
There is something so absurdly brilliant about the Japanese being so vengeful and vicious about their desire to wage a bloody war against dolphins and whales that leads to one of the funniest reveals I have ever seen. When we finally learn why the Japanese despise dolphins and whales, (because they were told by the American government that both animals were responsible for flying the Enola Gay), there is nothing to do but helplessly wipe away the tears of laughter at the insanity of the explanation. After all, who other than Trey and Matt can make something as awful as whale and dolphin massacre, so convincingly funny, by giving the Japanese such a crazy motive for going after them.

Favorite Moment: Two moments stand out. One, at the beginning of the episode - the Japanese massacre dolphins and whales everywhere (the ocean, an aquarium, a Sea World show) and then they run onto the Miami Dolphins field and kill the Dolphin players. And then my other favorite moment is when the American government realizes that something must be done to right the wrong of telling the Japanese that dolphins and whales flew the planes over Hiroshima. So they retract it and tell them that it was actually chicken and cows that flew the planes. I lost control at that point.

Favorite Character: While I am a staunch Cartman fan in general, this episode's best character was the sloppy Captain of the ship based on the Whale Wars captain. When he gets harpooned, I genuinely convulsed.


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