"The Brady Bunch" Meets "Gilligan's Island" in New Musical Satire, The Brody Bunch on Willigan's Island

The world-premiere workshop production of The Brody Bunch on Willigan's Island, which is billed as a "Groovy Musical Satire of Uncharted Proportions," will be presented Sept. 18 at Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre in Pleasanton, CA.

Penned by Ron Lytle, creator of Oh My Godmother! and The Man Who Saved Christmas, the production will also feature choreography by Christina Lazo, set design by Robert Sholty, costume design by Lisa Danz, lighting design by Dave Lam and orchestrations by Dan DeLange. Ron Lytle directs.

Casting will begin in June with rehearsals commencing July 18.

Here's the story: "While on a Hawaiian vacation, a happy suburban family (Mom and Dad, three girls, three boys--plus the family housekeeper) find themselves marooned on an uncharted island populated by the passengers and crew of the long-lost S.S. Guppy.

"Can the Bunch get off the Island in time to star in their very own TV variety show? Will eldest son Craig convince castaway Mary Jane to surf off into the sunset with him? Does movie star Pepper Plant really have designs on a man named Brody--or is his wife Karen merely losing her mind? And why can't the smartest guy on the Island patch a hole in a boat, anyway?"

For more information visit www.BrodyWilliganMusical.com.