"The Cold Never Bothered Them Anyway": Songwriters Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez Revamp the Fairytale with "Frozen"

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27 Feb 2014

Stephen Oremus
Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

And they still remember the first time Menzel performed "Let It Go" for them. "We were at Stephen Oremus' house and Idina had just gotten the song," Anderson-Lopez remembered. "She was practicing to do it live at a Disney roll-out event, and she started riffing on our melody. I just got chills up and down my body. I'm so excited that a live audience is going to experience that at the Oscars."

In addition to surviving the pressures of Hollywood's awards season and working on high-profile multiple projects, including a stage adaptation of "Frozen," which Anderson-Lopez characterizes as being in "very early talks," the writers are also the parents of two young daughters.

"The big difference when we write together is that there always has to be a baby-sitter or a school day," said Lopez. "We have two kids and we usually have just dropped them off at school when we get to start writing."

Full-time parenting while writing a major feature film may pose its challenges, but it also comes with its advantages. The writers have an at-home test audience comprised of their target demographic who are happily at their disposal.

"We played every demo for them first, really. We'd get home and whether they wanted to hear it or not, we'd play it before dinner," Lopez said. "If they were quiet during it and asked to hear it again, we'd usually send it right along to Disney. If not, it was back to the drawing board."

And before Menzel, Demi Lovato or even YouTube can lay claim to "Let It Go," the Lopezes point out that the song truly belongs to their daughters, Katie and Annie. "They're a little strange about other people singing 'Let It Go.' They're like, 'Yeah, yeah, that's so 2012.'" Anderson-Lopez laughed.


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