The Kids of A Christmas Story, The Musical Share Their Favorite Holiday Memories

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23 Dec 2013

Hannah Bautista (kids' ensemble)
One of my favorite holiday memories is during Christmas we go to my cousin’s house and we do karaoke, and we sing lots of Christmas songs and we eat a lot of food.

Judae’a Brown (plays Nancy)
One of my favorite Christmas memories is that every year we go to my godmother’s house and we have dinner and we play games and watch really cool Christmas movies.

Lucus Schultz (swing)
My favorite holiday tradition would be putting ornaments on the tree. I just love looking at the ornaments that I made from kindergarten or ones that we just got. It looks so pretty — I just love doing it.

Nicky Torcia (plays Schwartz)
My favorite Christmas tradition is that every year we watch "Elf" the movie, and we always reenact the business scene. The one where they say, "Call me elf, one more time." So me and my dad always reenact that, so it’s one of my favorite parts.

Randy Baird (plays Randy)
Our family holiday is Hanukkah, and our family tradition is to light the candles for the eight nights and to play Dreidel. I usually get in second place and you play with chocolate coins.

Watch the video to see what holiday gifts the kids obsessed over the way Ralphie obsessed over the Red Ryder carbine-action BB Gun:

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