THE LEADING MEN: Jefferson Mays Wears Many Hats (and Boots and Bustles and Coats) in the New Musical A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

By Evan Henerson
12 Mar 2013

Mays as Asquith "Assie" D'Ysquith Jr.
Photo by Henry DiRocco

Asquith "Assie" D'Ysquith Jr. — Young Dandy
Mays: "He's a sort of a gap-toothed rogue with a pencil-thin mustache painted on his lip and a bowler hat that he wears at a rakish angle. I try to embody him with some horrible characteristic of the British upper class society of that time. He's a predator of the under class, a snob and a dandy with a rattan cane that he flourishes."


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