The Man, New Musical About a Superstar and Manager, Aiming for Vegas Launch Prior to Broadway

Producers of The Man, a new musical about the rise and fall of a fictional music-industry superstar, plan to open the work in Las Vegas, prior to Broadway, according to Variety.

Mark Lamica, a former business partner of the late Frank Dileo, who was Michael Jackson's manager, co-created The Man and will produce with Quincy Krashna, Jerry Greenberg and Larry Hart — all of whom played a part in managing Jackson's career. The score will be made up of original tunes by artists Lamica has worked with in the music industry, and the musical is anticipated to be a big-budget spectacle, costing approximately $35 million.

The Man, a backstage tale told from the point-of-view of the superstar's manager, is described as a "dram-ical" (the title character will not sing, and most of the score will be performed by the "superstar" character).

Producers plan to open the show in a Vegas casino this fall or spring 2014, according to Lamica, for a limited run before a national tour and Broadway transfer.