THE SCREENING ROOM: Aaron Lazar, Randy Harrison, Lesli Margherita, Lin-Manuel Miranda and More Strip Down with The Skivvies (Video)

The Skivvies were joined by Randy Harrison, Morgan James, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Aaron Lazar and more during their One Giant Leaf for Mankind concerts at 54 Below March 14-15.

Actor-musicians Lauren Molina ( Sweeney Todd, Marry Me a Little) and Nick Cearley ( All Shook Up) are the duo behind The Skivvies, known for their acoustic performances of pop songs, wearing nothing but their underwear. Molina, Cearley and their guests play instruments ranging from the cello, ukulele, guitar and glockenspiel to the melodica.

Here's a look at some of the stripped-down songs from the evenings.

It’s Cold and Hot Hot Hot Up In Here

Fleetwood MaCshup with Rob Morrison


Kiss with Jason Michael Snow


Titanium Bulletproof with Hannah Shankman

Feelin Kinda Groovy in the Shaky Heart

Jock Jams Suite featuring Asmeret Ghebremichael

Hardbody Hoedown

Video Killed On The Radio Star

The Shoop Thong Song

The Godley with Jason Michael Snow

Alcomedley with Lesli Margherita

I want the Right Bootyhole with Aaron Lazar

Hey Ya Rosa Parks I Like the Way You Move Bombs Over Baghdad with Lin-Manuel Miranda

I Wanna Dance with My Own Self with Randy Harrison

Girl, You Really Got a Blister in the Rain


Sunday with Nancy Anderson and her fiddle

Kiss with Randy Harrison

Pumped Up Glitter Kicks

Toxic Poison

Burning Girl with Morgan James

Young Boom