THE SCREENING ROOM: Alexander Sage Oyen's Moment by Moment, With Emma Hunton, Jason Gotay, George Salazar and More

Composer Alexander Sage Oyen's song cycle Moment by Moment, featuring songs about love, cults and McDonald's, was held Aug. 31 at Manhattan nightspot 54 Below. Here are highlights from the evening. 

Jason Gotay
Jason Gotay

The concert version of Oyen's song cycle featured performances from Alice Lee ( BareSpider-Man Turn Off the Dark,  Spring Awakening), Emma Hunton ( Spring Awakening), Jason Gotay ( Bring It On), Zak Resnick ( Mamma Mia!) and George Salazar ( Godspell, Here Lies Love). 

Directed by Brandon Ivie with musical direction by Benjamin M. Rauhala, the 11 PM concert promised "a vibrant, realistic and fresh look at what it is to be a young adult in today's world, told through Oyen's musical styling."

" Moment by Moment, in essence, is a show comprised of musical theatre short stories," added composer Oyen in a statement. "However, if you look closer, you can find that each story teller has an arc and their own individual story to tell. The show will have some world-premiere tunes in it and some brand spankin' new orchestrations."

The band included Rauhala on piano, Austin Moorehead and Ryan Cooper on guitar, Oyen on bass and Charlie Rosen on drums.

Oyen's Moment by Moment will have its international premiere in February 2014. His other projects include Sidekicks, which was seen as part of the NYMF 2012 Reading Series, and A Night Like This, which was produced at Florida State University and Princeton University. He can be heard on Scott Alan's "Live" album and was seen on VH1's "In Search of the Partridge Family." His albums include "Drafts" and "If I Knew Better."

Lina Renzina produced. Videography is by Shoshana Feinstein

Emma Hunton, Jason Gotay, Zak Resnick, Alice Lee, George Salazar - "Live Forever":

Jason Gotay - "Painting Now":

Emma Hunton - "I Don't Wanna Lie":

George Salazar - "While You're There":

Zak Resnick - "Vietnam":

Alice Lee - "I Wanna Fall In Love":

Zak Resnick and Jason Gotay - "Fade Away":

Emma Hunton - "Incense":

Alice Lee - "In His Eyes":

George Salazar - "Robbie":

Emma Hunton, Jason Gotay, Zak Resnick, Alice Lee, George Salazar - "We Were Giants":

Jason Gotay and George Salazar - "The Bro Duet":

Emma Hunton - "I Could Never Save You":

Alice Lee - "The Ground":

Zak Resnick and Emma Hunton - "You Just Like To Give Me Shit":

Jason Gotay - "Belief":

Emma Hunton & Alice Lee - "G.N.O":

Zak Resnick - "Time Is Standing Still":

Alice Lee - "If We Meet Again":

George Salazar - "Where Do The Lonely Souls Go":

Emma Hunton, Jason Gotay, Zak Resnick, Alice Lee, George Salazar - "Moment By Moment: Finale":