THE SCREENING ROOM: All Because Of You Concert, With Marla Mindelle, Daniel Quadrino, Mike Schwitter and More

Marla Mindelle (Cinderella) and Daniel Quadrino (Newsies) were among the performers who took part in All Because Of You: The Songs Of Andre Catrini March 31 at the Laurie Beechman Theatre. Here are highlights from the evening. 

Marla Mindelle
Marla Mindelle

The 7 PM concert also featured Jennifer Sanchez, Alysha Deslorieux, Max Quinlan, Jessica Hendy, Elizabeth Ward Land, D.C. Anderson, Jill Abramovitz, Dana Costello, Emily Rosenfeld, Alex Dreier, Shawna Hamic, Noah Galvin, Ben Moss, Josh Tolle, Max Chernin, Mike Schwitter, Graydon Long, Carlyn Connolly, Joe Chisholm, Rhys Gilyeat, Jennifer Allen and Cassie Levine.

Musical direction was by Spencer Crosswell, and videography is by Shoshana Feinstein.

Catrini is a member of the BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop and an alumnus of the ASCAP Johnny Mercer Songwriter's Workshop. Catrini was part of the York Theatre's NEO 7 concert and composed original pieces for Broadway Charity Songs in 2013 and 2014. His works also include Timmy the Wizard, Other Women, BLOCKED, Whisper and Love, among others.


Andre Catrini - "All Because Of You":

Max Chernin - "Jesse & Paulo":

Shawna Hamic - "Song Of Appreciation":

Max Quinlan - "Angel":

Jennifer Sanchez - "Mr. Michaels":

Alex Dreier, Cassie Levine, Graydon Long and Emily Rosenfeld - "Queen Of The World":

Carlyn Connolly - "What He Was":

Rhys Gilyeat - "Retribution":

Jessica Hendy - "Time & Fear":

Daniel Quadrino - "Shelter":

Marla Mindelle - "I'm Tired Of That":

Jennifer Allen and Elizabeth Ward Land - "A Perfect Wedding":

D.C. Anderson - "Easy For Me":

Alysha Deslorieux - "Run Away":

Jill Abramovitz - "Neat":

Joe Chisholm, Ben Moss, Michael Schwitter and Josh Tolle - "Heroes":

Josh Tolle - "More Than Me":

Carlyn Connolly and Dana Costello - "Take A Dream With Me":