THE SCREENING ROOM: Amber Riley, Shoshana Bean, Todrick Hall and More Dance the "Spell Block Tango" (Video)

Todrick Hall, former Memphis cast member, "American Idol" finalist and YouTube personality, has released his latest YouTube video, "Spell Block Tango," inspired by Disney villains and the Broadway musical Chicago.

In celebration of Halloween, Hall teamed up with Marlon Wayans' new company "What The Funny" to produce "Spell Block Tango," a cover of Chicago's "Cell Block Tango" featuring Adam Lambert, Shoshana Bean, Cassie Scerbo, Amber Riley, Blake McGrath, Kimberly Cole and Pia Toscano.

Dancers in "Spell Block Tango" include Drew Reese, Peter Gill, Chester Lockhart, Davis Rahal, Steven Dehler, Jared North, Hondo Tey, Noelle Boney and Aaron McGuire.

Jean-Yeves (Jeeve Ducournet), who produced, also provided music and recording.

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Watch the "Spell Block Tango" below: