THE SCREENING ROOM: First Lady Michelle Obama Introduces "The Trip to Bountiful" at the White House (Video)

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a special screening of the television film of Horton Foote's The Trip to Bountiful, starring Cicely Tyson, at the White House Feb. 24.

Presented as part of Black History Month, the White House screening was attended by director Michael Wilson and cast members Tyson, Vanessa Williams, Blair Underwood and Keke Palmer.

"We were blown away by the story of persistance and hope, and the ties that bind us all together," the First Lady said. "It's a story that makes us think back to the house we all grew up in; the things that our moms and dads, grandparents used to say to us; the path that all of us have taken to come here and be who we are today. Nowhere does that sense of home come through more clearly than in Ms. Tyson's moving portrayal of Carrie Watts."

The television film version of Bountiful features revival star Tyson repeating her performance as Carrie Watts alongside fellow revival cast member Williams. Underwood and Palmer joined for the film. Wilson, who directed the stage production, repeated his work for the TV film, which was shot in Atlanta in late 2013. It will air on the Lifetime network March 8.

Watch the video below: