THE SCREENING ROOM: Ghostlight Concert, With Mandy Gonzalez, Natascia Diaz, Jason Gotay, Christina Sajous and More

Songs from Ghostlight, the new musical by Tim Realbuto and Matthew Martin, were presented March 6 at 54 Below. Here are highlights from the evening. 

The 9:30 PM concert, entitled Ghostlight: The Songs of Martin and Realbuto, featured songs from Ghostlight as well as tunes from a new musical by the composers, who also performed and co-hosted.

Performers included Mandy Gonzalez, Natascia Diaz, Jenna Leigh Green, Jason Gotay, Christina Sajous, Kimberly Faye Greenberg, Trevor McQueen, Abigail Ludrof, Caleb Collins, Joshua Scott Friedmann, Angelia Golden, Elliot Lane, Jessie MacBeth, Michael Padgett, Brad Rakushin, Ryan Rhue, John Patrick Sabatos, Taryn Tonelli, Stephanie Weatherly and Emily Witte.

Alison Holman was the musical director, and videography is by  Shoshana Feinstein

Ghostlight premiered at The New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2011 and is slated for a fall workshop before an out-of-town tryout.

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Jenna Leigh Green - "He Laughs At My Jokes":

Trevor McQueen - "That's How I'll Remember You":

Kimberly Faye Greenberg - "I'd Rather Make 'Em Laugh/Don't Rain On My Parade":

Abigail Ludrof and Natascia Diaz - "Sometimes":

Christina Sajous, Kimberly Faye Greenberg and company - "New York Is So Grand":

Taryn Tonelli and company - "Everybody's Sweetheart":

Jason Gotay - "In Olive's Eyes":

Natascia Diaz - "The Price of Fame":

Christina Sajous - "Girls of the Night":

Matthew Martin and Tim Realbuto - "Two of a Kind":

Jenna Leigh Green - "Alive in My Picture":

Matthew Martin - "The Music That Makes Me Dance":

Matthew Martin and Tim Realbuto - "Two of a Kind":

Tim Realbuto - "Crazy Dreams/The Story":

Company - "Finale":

Trevor McQueen - "To Whom It May Concern":

Jason Gotay - "If I Wanted To":

Mandy Gonzalez - "How Brief The Light":