THE SCREENING ROOM: I Do! I Do! Stars Mary Martin and Robert Preston (Video)

I Do! I Do!, Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt's musical adaptation of Jan de Hartog's The Fourposter, opened Dec. 5, 1966. It starred Mary Martin and Robert Preston, who won a Tony for his performance. has put together a collection of videos of both Martin and Preston to mark the special date. 

"Nobody's Perfect" from I Do! I Do! on the Tony Awards.

South Pacific - "A Cockeyed Optimist."

"A Wonderful Guy."

"My Heart Belongs to Daddy."

"Never Neverland."

"I'm Flying."

"Ya Got Trouble."

Robert Preston and Carol Burnett.

"You and Me."

Audio of Preston's "I Won't Send Roses."


"The Sadder But Wiser Girl."