THE SCREENING ROOM: Last Minute Concert, With Understudies from Wicked, Bring It On, Once and More (Video)

Half Hour 2: A Last Minute Concert, featuring Broadway understudies from Wicked, Bring It On: The Musical, Once and more, was recently held at The Laurie Beechman Theatre. Here are highlights from the evening.

Hosted by Wicked's F. Michael Haynie, the concert included performances from Nikki Bohne, Ariana DeBose, Kate Fahrner, Russell Fischer, Jennifer Foster, Alyssa May Gold, Haley Hannah, David Hull, Jesse JP Johnson, Janet Krupin, Stephanie Martignetti, Eddie Pendergraft, Teddy Toye and J. Michael Zygo.

The concert was produced by Shoshana Feinstein with musical direction by Benjamin Rauhala and videography by Karen Marshall. Jeremy Yaddaw was featured on drums with Charlie Rosen on bass.


F. Michael Haynie sings "Waiting in the Wings":

Haley Hannah sings "I'm Not Waiting":

David Hull sings "Change the World":

Alyssa May Gold sings "King of Anything":

Jesse JP Johnson sings "I Found a Boy":

Ariana DeBose sings "Blues in the Night":

Russell Fischer sings "Higher and Higher":

Kate Fahrner sings "Here I Am":

J. Michael Zygo sings "Say It To Me Know":

Teddy Toye sings "Keep Your Head Up":

Janet Krupin sings "You Don't Know Me":

Eddie Pendergraft sings "I Want to Be A…":