THE SCREENING ROOM: Tim and Charlie's Farewell Tour, With Josh Young, Krysta Rodriguez, Lindsay Mendez, Randy Graff and More

Tim and Charlie's Farewell Tour, an evening celebrating the composer and lyricist team Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne, was presented April 28 at 54 Below. Here are highlights from the concert. 

Josh Young
Josh Young

The 9:30 PM concert featured Rosser and Sohne as well as Krysta Rodriguez, Lindsay Mendez, Jason Gotay, Tony winner Randy Graff, Sally Wilfert, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Tony Sheldon, Taylor Trensch, Danny Quadrino and Josh Young, among others.

The evening, which marked the composer and lyricist's cabaret debut, was directed by Matthew DiCarlo with musical direction by Rosser. Composer-lyricist Ryan Scott Oliver and Very Intense Productions produced. Videography is by Daniel Schloss.

54 Below described the evening as such: "How many evenings can be spent in the company of a family of evangelical creationists ( The Profit of Creation), dancing boys in Afghanistan ( The Boy Who Danced On Air), opinionated if slightly confused teenagers ( Political Speeches By Young People), and robotic tin soldiers ( Third Time’s A Charm)? The work of songwriters Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne is far-ranging, but united by a unique blend of sincerity, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and humor. Come hear Broadway’s finest perform a set that will make you laugh, cry, order a martini, and then chase it with bourbon."

Randy Graff and Jay Armstrong Johnson sing "Like You Never Left":

Krysta Rodriguez sings "Simply Because":

Daniel Quadrino and Jason Gotay sing "In The City":

Tony Sheldon sings "Time To Grow Up":

Josh Young sings "Into Your Hands":

Lindsay Mendez sings "Everything A Girl Wants":

Jay Armstrong Johnson sings "I'm Clay":

Colin Hanlon and Taylor Trensch sing "Never Felt So Wonderful":

Rosser and Sohne: "Isn't He The Best?":

Sally Wilfert sings "All I See":

Jason Gotay sings "All That I've Known":