THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 3, Or, Transitions Are Hard

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20 Feb 2013

Anjelica Huston, Daniel Sunjata, Jennifer Hudson, Debra Messing and Christian Borle
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FRAUGHT REHEARSAL: Derek continues to allow Ivy into the Bombshell rehearsal room, now as a visitor, watching Karen stumble through a number. "Ivy has a great eye, she can tell us where we're going wrong," says Derek. Hmm. It allows for Ivy to sing pop star Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" in a fantasy sequence that weaves Derek, Karen and chorus dancers. And Jimmy shows up at the rehearsal, wondering why Derek and Karen stood him and Kyle up for a meeting. Karen follows him out onto the street (in costume, with wig in hand, on the edges of Madison Square Park) to explain she's committed to getting Derek attached to Hit List. Veronica brings a producer (played by Tom Galantich) of The Wiz to that rehearsal in an effort to get Derek re-hired to the family-friendly show, but the producer remains unimpressed after viewing the JFK-Marilyn scene. (The complete duet version of the song is available on the Bombshell album that was recently released.) He leaves, and "Ronnie" ends up quitting The Wiz. She's ready to be a serious, adult Broadway star, not just an ingénue belter. P.S. Yes, that was Broadway's Matt Bogart (Jersey Boys) in a cameo as "Matt," an actor in the rehearsal room.

THIS CHARACTER IS JUST LIKE ME!!: The earlier "Smash" convention of actors and writers droning on about how they identify with the characters they are creating continues in this episode. Please make it stop.

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