THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 9, Or, I'm a Pretty Girl, Mama

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03 Apr 2013

Megan Hilty and Bernadette Peters in the "Hang the Moon" sequence.
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

"Directors use a variety of methods to get what they want," Julia explains to Tom, in bald, spoon-fed terms that continue to make him look clueless. "If you're not getting the performance you want, find another way." These lines are so low-context as to be insulting to Tom, you, me and the wide general viewership, showfolk and civilian alike. Just show it, don't tell it. (Are the series producers setting up Tom to look so inept that Derek will have to swoop in to become show doctor on Bombshell?)

So, Tom takes a fresh path and urges Leigh and Ivy to talk about their own mother-daughter relationship as a way conjuring some fire in their onstage mother-daughter scenes. As the room looks on, Ivy tells us that at theatre camp, when Ivy was a teenager and played Little Red in Into the Woods, Leigh remarked on the gifted girl who played Cinderella. "If you were born with the talent she has, that could have been you," Leigh reportedly told Ivy, "but you weren't."

Leigh defends the comment by saying it made Ivy work harder, and now she's on Broadway!


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