THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 9, Or, I'm a Pretty Girl, Mama

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03 Apr 2013

Krysta Rodriguez
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

SHE'S FLYING! Ana (Krysta Rodriguez, who created the role of Wednesday in Broadway's The Addams Family opposite Wesley Taylor, who plays chorus boy Bobby in "Smash") performs a number from Hit List at the gala benefit for Manhattan Theatre Workshop. Suited up as a Lady Gaga-style performer called The Diva, she swings in the air, cirque-style, wrapping herself in reinforced fabric — spinning and floating above the awed crowd as she sings pop writer Andrew McMahon's hypnotic song "Reach for Me." It's all very surreal and absurd and fascinating, and it makes Rodriguez look and sound like a star. (Watch the video here.) The number was created by Derek with the help of the real-life performance wizards at Antigravity, Inc., which hoisted Jane Krakowski into the flies (to Tony-winning effect) in the Broadway revival of Nine. (Check out Antigravity's other Broadway credits at During this sequence, Jimmy sneaks into the coat-check room to root through rich folks' pockets, seeking cash to pay off a drug dealer that he stole from before his Hit List life (read: weeks ago).


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