THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 9, Or, I'm a Pretty Girl, Mama

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03 Apr 2013

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Richard Francis (played by Jamey Sheridan), the Arts and Leisure Editor of the New York Times, admits that the only reason he signed on to write an article about Bombshell was to get to spend time with his old friend Eileen Rand, but he's aware that it's a conflict of interest — and the Times hates conflicts of interest. Eileen wants that Times story, but now that her shady, greasy boyfriend Nick is in the clink and out of the picture, maybe Eileen also wants some romance? She arranges to be seated at Richard's table at the MTW gala, where they witness Ana's high-flying act. Richard tells Jimmy and librettist Kyle (Andy Mientus) that he loved Ana's turn, and overeager Kyle blurts out that there's more of Ana throughout Hit List (only there's not!). Later, Richard decides to pass the Bombshell article to another Times writer (paging Patrick Healy?), thus avoiding any conflict of interest in the paper's coverage of the show (except the conflict that the Arts and Leisure Editor is apparently romantically interested in the producer of a Broadway show and is placing a story about her new show in the Sunday arts section!). We suspect there will be many column inches devoted to Eileen's show in the future.


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