THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two Premiere, Or, Change Partners and Dance

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06 Feb 2013

Krysta Rodriguez
Photo by Eric Liebowitz/NBC

But, boy, Shaiman and Wittman shine, and the season is off to an efficient, tuneful, plot-friendly launch with "Cut, Print…Moving On," in which Marilyn is seen going through a major personal and professional change — shedding Joe DiMaggio, we guess, and taking new projects as media and movie personnel swirl around her. Over this tune, we see the people behind Bombshell also moving forward — returning to New York and waiting for the next step.

Karen shows up at her new apartment, greeted by her funky new roommate, Ana (played by Krysta Rodriguez, who played Wednesday in Broadway's The Addams Family). If you look closely at Ana's laptop in the scene, you'll see that she has the good taste to be reading

Upon entering Ana's place, Karen crumples up a letter from her ex, Dev, who slept with Ivy last season, and that seems to be the end of that plot thread (Raza Jaffrey, you were mis-used).

Ivy returns to her New York apartment and throws away all the pills in her medicine chest, thus dumping last season's prescription-drug-abuse plot and the muddled mind of Ivy. Gifted Hilty is a source of light, and it looks like her Ivy may smile and shine this coming season.

Later in the first hour, Julia's husband, Frank (the classy Tony Award nominee Brian d'Arcy James, seen last fall at The Public Theater in the musical Giant) learns from stage manager Linda (played by Ann Harada, a stepsister of Broadway's current Cinderella) that apparently the entire Bombshell company knew about Julia's affair with the Boston run's star, Michael Swift (played by the unseen Will Chase). Never mind that Linda is the least discreet stage manager ever. How could Frank not know that gossip spreads through casts and crews like influenza? Furious and frustrated, Frank berates Julia at a public press event (attended by the New York Post's oily theatre scribe Michael Riedel, played by the muckraker himself), and walks out on her. (As predicted, rather glibly, in this column in May 2012, Julia and Tom become roommates!)

Goodbye, Dev! Goodbye, pills! Goodbye, Frank! Goodbye, Theresa Rebeck! Mind you, the latter still benefits financially from the series, is named as an executive producer in the credits and can comfort herself with the many, many productions of her plays around the country; Theresa Rebeck does not suffer from writer's block, as she told in a November 2011 interview.)


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